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Perfected Mind Control - The Unathorized Black Book of Hypnoitic Mind PerfePerfected Mind Control - The Unathorized Black Book of Hypnoitic Mind Controlcted Mind Control - The Unathorized Black Book of Hypnoitic Mind ControlControl 


"Perfected Mind Control"

The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control

Now Buy It For Only $29.00

Why Learn Mind Control?
Okay, I've been setting on "Perfected Mind Control" for several years now and, for the most part, I've personally tested it out and been very reluctant to take it public.

My concern is that it might be misused by someone who's not prepared to have someone completely submissive to their will.

That's right.


Watch the video if you want see

what's possible.


Perfected Mind Control (PMC) is about making happy "slaves" that are eager to do whatever you want.

Back in the day of the governments MKULTRA project there were plenty of projects to control the thoughts and minds of others. It was, after all, the height of the cold war and we were running paranoid to forestall nuclear annihilation.

Of all the projects, LSD, brain implants, electro shock therapy and sensory deprivation the one thing that did show promise was the good old tool of hypnosis.

The goal of these black ops hypnosis experiments was to create a “sleeper” agent that would be hidden behind a barrier of amnesia and when needed the agent could be triggered to carry out a mission and once completed all memories would be hidden again behind the amnesia.

The fact is that there are some hypnotists out there who know exactly what I'm talking about and they've been doing it for quite some time.

Of course, to say any of this to the general public would put all the good that hypnosis can do in a bad light, so a lot of people are very concerned about keeping this information under wraps.

Yes. it's very shocking so I hope you can understand the gravity of this little project I call Perfected Mind Control.

The goal of
Perfected Mind Control is to use this power to help people become more flexible to enjoy life and eventually integrate all the individual identities back into a happier more fun loving person. While you're doing this you can also create a wonderful life for yourself with the best friends you can imagine.

Use it wrongly and things will not go so well.

100 ebook versions of Perfected Mind Control were sold in three weeks to get some reviews and feedback and it's now ready for it's official release.

This is NOT an ebook.

In fact you will
never be able to get Perfected Mind Control in ebook form. From this point on you will only be able to buy Perfected Mind Control as a perfect bound book.


Here is What People are Saying about
Perfected Mind Control

“I basically learned the mindset of how one would strongly persuade someone on a long term basis and also the mindset of doing so in a non-destructive manner.”
~ David K.

“I read it with some friends - they are interested already - I won't recommend it to many people - only open minded and evolved souls.”
~ James D.

“I think you should be locked up for ever!! fools like your cult are and will be destroyed!!”
~ Charles M

“I appreciated this book so much, and look forward to further data in this field... “
~ K. H.

“...the reason I bought PMC was because I have a project I am working on and I want to turn the cast into a cult.”
~Raul G.

“I purchased PMC over the weekend and have read it thoroughly twice now and I feel I am the one who has been hypnotized. I feel like I am 2 people and I am not the one in control. I feel completely changed and craving more. I don't know what "more" is, but I am completely overwhelmed with the need for more.”
~ Bobbie

“The book as it stands is good; very specific...”
~Scott S.

“It's a work of art and science working in harmony. Only people responsible enough, open minded, happy with life, willing to share themselves, willing to learn new things about themselves, and honest should read this book.. ”
~Fritz M.

"I give this high marks. I believe you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I enjoyed reading the material and shall enjoy implementing much of same. At my discretion by all means. "

"... excellent. ...I'm selfish, I want to keep it to myself. If someone else is too lazy to read it, more power for me. I'll make sure that the members of my cult understand the need to stay away from this material, while I continue to learn and benefit from it..."


I realize that this is advanced material. Most people will find it curious, interesting and maybe even disturbing but they won't put it to use. They will be happy just to know these secrets that no one else will tell them. They'll realize that to get the results that Perfected Mind Control promises it'll take more effort than they really want. Nonetheless, this is information I have will NEVER be found anywhere else.

I've made sure that Perfected Mind Control makes it very clear what can happen if you don't follow the recommendations for proper use. You'll have people banging on your door at god awful hours demanding your affection, calling you day and night and generally making your life hell. It only takes a few of those experiences to re-evaluate how you're using what you learn from Perfected Mind Control.

If you're not serious about reading it all the way through and learning from it I hope you'll save your money.

So I think I've covered my bases and I'm certain that once you see Perfected Mind Control in your hands, hear the words on the page and feel it in your fingers you'll know the true power that's possible with mind control.

I take no responsibility for the results you get
from using this information.

What is Perfected Mind Control?

Perfected Mind Control is a 34,000 word ebook that describes in detail what you can do to create a "house" filled with "members" that love what you do and will do what you want.

Perfected Mind Control will show you:

  How to prospect for your "house members".

  How to screen for the most responsive prospects.

  How to create a context where submitting to you gives your recruit a sense of real freedom and power.

  How to use NLP meta programs to customize your presentation to each individual prospect. It's a very fun survey complete with commentary on how to use it that people will love to take and help you quickly decide if someone is worth the time you'll spend on them.

Most importantly, Perfected Mind Control contains eight complete hypnotic processes that, when done in sequence, will train any properly screened subject into enjoying anything you suggest to them.

Perfected Mind Control is potentially a 200+ page nuclear weapon, so use it wisely.

Be careful when you order Perfected Mind Control because of the nature of what you'll learn there is a no return policy on this book.

Look Inside the Book

With your purchase confirmation you'll

also Get the Following


Your 1st FREE BONUS:

"Easy Mentalism"

($37 value)

Imagine being able to pick a card from a deck of cards that has been hidden at random by your friends. Step by step you will tell them the color, suit and finally the exact card they chose!. Wouldn't your friends be amazed by your wonderful magic?

Do you think you could spin that little magic trick into something that made you memorable and special?

You bet you could.

Or what about if you could read back to your friends a sentence from a book they secretly chose for you to discover. Watch the expression on their face as you get it right word for word!. How would that feel if you could do this?

Do you think that maybe they would start to assume you know something about the mind that they don't?

Imagine being able to make predictions. For instance, in a social situation you hand a friend an envelope containing three coins and ask them to take one and flip it up in the air. You then not only tell them the coin they chose but also which side up it landed. They will all be impressed by your amazing performance!

If you do only one of these tricks in front of only three people and nothing more, you will build a reputation just from their gossip bigger than if you performed at Carnage Hall.

Now that you know how to use magic powerfully you need to know the "tricks" so here is what you'll get within 105 page of no-fluff ebook:

  Shape Prediction - You tell people the shape they drew on a piece of paper without seeing it.

  Heads or Tails? - predict the toss of a coin every time.

  Remote Viewing - See what other people are seeing from a distance.

  Key Bending & Spoon Bending - Demonstrate your "psychokenetic powers" to bend metal. 

  Magic Square - A person calls out a number and you draw a 4x4 grid of numbers that totals the selected number from every angle, corner and direction... all in less than 20 seconds.

  Card Prediction - Tell anyone to pick a card at random and then let them know the card they chose without ever seeing it.

  The Book Test - Read a persons mind for the random pages they have viewed from any book in their library.

  ESP - Using the classic ESP cards predict which card anyone will choose.

  Predict a number - You ask anyone to select to random numbers and you guess what they are with 80% accuracy.

  Read Three Minds in One - predict the three cards people will choose without seeing them

... and more, much more.


Your 2nd FREE BONUS:

"The Black Book of Cold Reading"

($27 value)

This includes all the mind reading tricks that you can use without props or preparation to convince anyone that you are psychic!
Your 3rd FREE BONUS:

($27 value)

1)  How would you like to learn mind reading to 'show off' and have fun? This bonus is great for beginners.
2)  Here is the Table of Content of this unique ebook:
3)  The Nature of Mind Reading
4)  The Proofs of Mind Reading
5)  Contact Mind Reading
6)  Development Exercises
7)  Simple GAMES of Mind Reading
8)  Difficult Games
9)  Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading

Sure, you can use this all in good fun... and you should... just don't pass up finding out how many people would conclude that you "have magic powers" when it's all set up right.



Sure the bonuses are nice, but let's face it, the real reason you're placing an order is to get the feel of Perfected Mind Control.

If you're intimidated by what it promises you should be because it delivers in a very frightening way.

Just remember, I take no responsibility for the results you get from using this information. 

Okay, there it is, and I could go on and on about what a great deal it is, but you already know that and I don't want to bore you.

All I ask is that you go out and test it out and notice the results. My entire purpose is to give you control and if I could hand it to you in a brown paper bag, I would.

And that's the point, I can't.

The next step is yours and yours alone.

Look Inside the Book

Please, use it in good fun!


JK Ellis


PS, You would probably feel like a real idiot if you lost out on the bonuses so make sure you forward your confirmation email to me when you get it and I'll send you all the bonuses and more!



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