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Why Learn Mind Control?

The sincere and curious study of mind control and it's
practical uses can be disturbing to a lot of people. If this bothers you go away now. It's better you not know what is being done to you. On the other hand, let's for a moment, start to defend that word "manipulation".
Anytime you communicate, even with yourself, you have some goal or outcome in mind. With that goal, you are trying to manipulate the person with whom you are communicating.

... even when you are talking to yourself.

Think about it.

Manipulation is simply the result of trying to survive and the better you learn how to manipulate the more apt you are to survive and enjoy life.

Here is another reason maybe you should leave this page and try to pretend you never read it.

It's about morality, your own sense of right and wrong.

Most people will tell you that anyone who joins a cult or falls for a con is merely crazy or stupid. In other words, they are using their sense of right and wrong to stop considering all the possiblities of what might actually be taking place.

They are defaulting to judgement instead of even trying to truly understand. At that point they are unconsciously limiting their ability to understand, communicate and influence.


But isn't manipulation "Bad"?

No. It's not. We are all manipulators and the sooner we learn and accept that the better life will be.

So if questioning your values and beliefs is too uncomfortable for you it's probably best that you try in vain to supress the thoughts you've just learn and leave this site.

On the other hand, if you want more freedom, power, and want to get better control of your life, you can keep reading.

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The choice is yours.


Dantalion Jones



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