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Are you Trapped in Manifestationland?


There is so much interest and romance around the art of "manifestation" that it's easy to believe so many people are falling for it like a fly into a Venus Fly Trap.

People tend to fall in love so quickly with the word "manifestation" that they become trapped and fail to examine what it really means.

On a linguistic level the word "manifestation" is referred to as a nominalization. All that means is that an action word (a verb) is treated as if it is frozen in time to become a thing (a noun).  While some people talk about manifestation as if it were a real "thing" I've never seen someone pushing a wheelbarrow filled with manifest ion.

Those who fall hardest for the romance of word "manifestation" get trapped in "Manifestationland" and proceed to affirm, visualize, ritualize and meditate upon what they want while leaving out one key ingredient: a realistic plan to get it, in other words, WORK.

Yes, a few people have completely lacked plans and seemingly "manifested" things they wanted. Some will use this as evidence that "Manifestation" works but they overlook that, as a rule, a good plan and some applied effort will work better.

For every successful "Manifestation" an idiot can find 1,000 successes of work and planning.

Do you think there is something one can learn from this?
How do you know if you're stuck in Manifestationland?

1) Do you believe that belief alone is enough to attract what you want?

2) Do you study, pray, meditate and affirm for your manifestation more than you work toward your goal?

3) Do you believe yourself to be always "on the verge of a breakthrough" but can't describe what kind of breakthrough that might be?

How to get out of Manifestationland.

1) Have a plan. What is your very next step that your physical body will do to get closer to what you want (to manifest)?

2) Polish the plan. What is the step after that?

3) .... and after that???

4) Write out a detailed step-by-step plan to get to your goal.

5) Make each step measurable and specific. Having "a beautiful car" is not specific and could leave you with a clean 1969 WV Bug when what you really wanted was a red convertible.

6) Make certain each step is stated in the positive. Affirming "I release all negativity to money." is neither positive nor specific. "I will learn how to make $100 a month on Ebay." however is both positive and specific.

7) Make each step is something that is within your complete control. In other words affirming "I will get $1000 by Friday." may be positive and specific but if you don't have a way that is  WITHIN YOUR CONTROL to get $1000 then you are hoping, wishing and relying on happenstance.

Are ALL of these step within your control?

Don't get stranded in Manifestationland.
To do that see to it that every visualization, affirmation, ritual and meditation to manifest something has 10 specific, measurable and positive actions toward your goal. As a result you'll get what you want a lot quicker. 

Dantalion Jones  is a writer and researcher on the practical and useful applications of mind control. Jones is author of "PERFECTED MIND CONTROL: The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control"




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