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"Mind Control 101 - How to Influence The Thoughts and Actions Of Others Without Them Knowing or Caring" by Dantalion Jones

From the deviously seductive mind of JD Fuentes.
Step by step guide to building your own cult.


NLP based persuasion and some free MP3 downloads.

Recommended Books on Mind Control, NLP, Hypnosis and  seduction.

www.UndergroundHypnosis.com - The secret other hypnotists don't want you to know.

www.EmotionalDoorway.com - Another great relationship/seduction site. 

www.KeysToPowerPersuasion.com - A great and thurough book on persuasion techniques called "The Keys to Power Persuasion"

www.EmbeddedCommands.com - Learn how to send your thoughts to the subconscious part of anyone's mind.
The zen-like way of getting the date and creating confidence.

www.How-To-Make-Money.com - 1000 Ways to put your flock (or yourself) to work to make money

The Master Mentalism Manual is HUGE (over 200 pages in all).  Everything is laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner.  You'll be able to display some of your new skills and amaze everyone in the room after just a couple hours of practice.

www.MySeductionSecret.com - A woman's advice to men on how to seduce a woman.

www.nlpcoach.uk.net - Software that will help you learn NLP language patterns.

TheArtOfApproaching.com - A nice system of confidence building for men who want to approach, date, and woo beautiful women.
MagicSeduction.net  - You'll learn how to use magic tricks to convince whom ever you want that you have "special powers". There are some very cool tricks here and they are much easier than you think.

HPPCDS.com - This is one of the very best hypnosis CDs and processes I've ever come across. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone who asks.

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