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The $cientology Bible

This is a leaked document that $cientologist 

have paid $100,000 for!

The 'Scientology Bible' has been leaked to Wikileaks.Org. This is the real deal, their 615 page instruction manual. Now we can all become 'Clears' without having to deal with the cult of Scientology.

Of course, the cult of scientology is about to take legal action against Wikileaks.Org, so download the PDF now while you still can.

Here's the 17 MB document

This is a HUGE 600+ page document filled the clam drivel.

Scientology cultists have paid Tens of Thousands of dollars for this information. Now you can get it for free!

Please post / distribute these leaks/links. Cults like Scientology gain power from their secrecy. Exposing them is a full-frontal attack on the cult.


Download it now.

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