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What are Lighthearted Social Experiments?

Lighthearted Social Experiments (LSE) are just that, experiments, things you do to find out what happens.  There is no failure when you do them because you will always get valuable information. Lighthearted Social Experiments are done in the spirit of fun and done with people who don't know what you're doing.

The great part about LSEs is that no one can lose because it's all in fun.

The benefits from these Lighthearted Social Experiments are new social skills a greater sense of confidence around people regardless of the setting and circumstance.

Think about it. One of the most common anxiety provoking situations is that of being around people and not know what to do or say.  When you turn that situation into a lighthearted social experiment it completely turns around how everyone perceives the interaction. It becomes fun, engaging and thought provoking.

That is the skill you'll learn in CD #2 of The Delta Success Program and you'll agree it's worth every penny.

Within The Delta Success Program CD #2 this is what you'll get:

  • You'll learn how to get anyones interest and attention and you'll learn to how to keep it.
  • You'll why confusion can be useful and how to create in anyone. 
  • You'll learn the mental attitude that makes any social situation fun and makes people want to be around you.
  • You discover how a sense of boldness naturally develops from repeated practice of these lighthearted social experiments.
  • You'll discover the simple process that causes others to feel as if they want to be around you. 
  • Like a snake closing in on it's prey you'll learn how to sneak your subject closer and closer within your personal space ... they won't even know it's happening.
  • You learn how to quiet that nagging voice in your head that is always worried if you're "doing it right".  When this happens you don't worry, you just go for it.
  • You'll learn how to take the uncomfortable state of confusion that others feel and instantly turn it to your advantage. You'll even learn how to confuse them!
  • You'll learn how to lead people (even if you have no where to lead them).
  • You'll learn how to turn any social situation into an experiment that will always yield something useful.

You'll also get an Awesome dual voice hypnosis process that will knock you on your backside and help instill all these tools as you relax and listen.

Mind Control Books by Dantalion Jones
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"Mind Control 101"

How to Influence The Thoughts and Actions of Others Without
Them Knowing or Caring

Mind Control is about getting everyone around you to simply think, believe and assume exactly what you want them to.  

Mind Control is not about persuasion, sales, seduction or influence. These are just fields within Mind Control.

Mind Control is a much bigger picture than persuasion. It's about having people fall under your spell by their own choice . . . or so they think.

Mind Control is about learning to see the way people think and steering their thoughts just where you want them to go.

"I am going to learn a great deal from your books."

I am impressed with what I have read and like the way you have broached the subject matter.I do believe I am going to learn a great deal from your books.

~R. Richmond

Why would someone write a book on Mind Control?

Because as much as we try to elevate ourselves above being human animals we are, in fact, animals. We are subject to the wants and desires of any being with a genome and vertebrae. To rise above that is an admirable and a task we should take on as a worthy spiritual endeavor.

But to deny that we are, truly, animals is to lie to ourselves. We must deal with people who may not be so enlightened advanced as we are. They may desire what we have and be secretly filled with envy and contempt. The worst event is to have these suspicions fulfilled and then be pulled down into the politics of man.

Do we deny that it's happening and hope others will be touched by our honesty and good will enough to change? Or do we drop our highest spiritual ideals and play their game?

I would like to suggest a radically different strategy. Take the game of manipulation and Mind Control and make it a part of your spirituality.

I dare you to take that step!

Read the first 23 pages of Mind Control 101 and then buy it on impulse.


"The Mind Control 101"

I want to read "Mind Control 101"

Order it now at the new price $19.95

Perfected Mind Control

The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control

Now Buy It For Only $29.00

Okay, I've been setting on "Perfected Mind Control" for several years now and, for the most part, I've personally tested it out and been very reluctant to take it public.

My concern is that it might be misused by someone who's not prepared to have someone completely submissive to their will.

That's right.

Order it now for $29

See what's possible.

Perfected Mind Control (PMC) is about making happy "slaves" that are eager to do whatever you want.

Back in the day of the governments MKULTRA project there were plenty of projects to control the thoughts and minds of others. It was, after all, the height of the cold war and we were running paranoid to forestall nuclear annihilation.

Of all the projects, LSD, brain implants, electro shock therapy and sensory deprivation the one thing that did show promise was the good old tool of hypnosis.

The goal of these black ops hypnosis experiments was to create a “sleeper” agent that would be hidden behind a barrier of amnesia and when needed the agent could be triggered to carry out a mission and once completed all memories would be hidden again behind the amnesia.

The fact is that there are some hypnotists out there who know exactly what I'm talking about and they've been doing it for quite some time.

Of course, to say any of this to the general public would put all the good that hypnosis can do in a bad light, so a lot of people are very concerned about keeping this information under wraps.

Yes. it's very shocking so I hope you can understand the gravity of this little project I call Perfected Mind Control.

The goal of
Perfected Mind Control is to use this power to help people become more flexible to enjoy life and eventually integrate all the individual identities back into a happier more fun loving person. While you're doing this you can also create a wonderful life for yourself with the best friends you can imagine.

Use it wrongly and things will not go so well.

100 ebook versions of Perfected Mind Control were sold in three weeks to get some reviews and feedback and it's now ready for it's official release.

This is NOT an ebook.

In fact you will never be able to get Perfected Mind Control in ebook form. From this point on you will only be able to buy Perfected Mind Control as a perfect bound book.

 Order it now for $29

The Forbidden Book Of Getting What Your Want:
Make The World Your Banquet Starting With A Simmering Broth of Ambition

Imagine what it would be like to have anything you wanted and feel so passionate about what you're doing you know you are unstoppable,

What would you do knowing that all you had to do is work a simple plan and your deepest desires would be fulfilled?

If that doesn't interest you consider the opposite. You could live your life like a lot of people, based on excuses and never get what you really want. Instead you can just be getting by.... like everyone else.

The choice is yours.

On the one hand, I want you to get everything you want in life... yes, EVERYTHING.

On the other hand it's no skin off my teeth if you don't.

So, let me do what I'm good at.

Let me corner you, put a figurative gun to your head
and get you to understand that
when you do it right you can get anything you want.

The reason I wrote The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want is I got sick and tired of all the other self-help books who told you to "change your thinking and change your life" but they never told your HOW.

These books would drivel on and on about "The Secret" but never tell you how to implement it ( whatever "it" is ) into a practical day to day plan. They might encourage you to do something but they always give you a choice to not do it.

In The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want you will get a idiot proof process so devious, so well thought out, that the only way to NOT get what you want is to NOT read the book.

Because I'm the devious bastard that I am I wrote
The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want
as a carefully designed TRAP that will compel you to
go after what you TRULY want.

By following
The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want here is what you'll learn:
  • How to arrange your life so that getting what you want is easy. (This is so common sense that you'll wonder why no one told this before.)

  • How to motivate yourself so that nothing (yes, NOTHING) stops you. (Most people will pay any price just for this knowledge.)

  • How to sharpen your intent so that you speed your way to your goals like a slippery watermelon seed squeezed between your fingers. (When you intend something it becomes a certainty. Imagine that power.)
  • How to get what you want from others. (Why let anyone hold you back?)
  • Why this book is forbidden. (There are a lot of reasons others don't want this information to get into your hands.)

  • How to use pain and despair to keep yourself out of complacency. (If pain is what motivates you why not make it really painful?)

  • Why most people are afraid to go after what they want. (Yes, believe it or not success scares the crap out of people because it means they have to accept responsibility for their life.)
  • How to overcome your own fear and inertia. (So simple you will ask yourself "Why didn't I do this before?")
  • How to become a force of nature. (Become the person that people will either follow or run away from. Nothing can stop a force of nature and nothing will stop you.)

This warning is provided to make you aware that The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want is a written as a TRAP to ensnare you into going after what you want like a shark ending a hunger strike.

Once you read it... you can't unread it.

Seriously, all the hype aside, the key to making this process work is based on a simple formula of motivation; that we are more easily motivated to move away from what we don't want than to go after what we do want.

With that simple formula, and an understandable process to follow, you *WILL* be able to get what you want.
Order it now for $24.95

Volume 2: The Cocky & Funny


This BOOK (not an ebook) covers EVERYTHING that you'll need to attract lots of quality women into your life.

Volume 2 - The Cocky & Funny Edition covers some of the most important aspects of seduction and divides it into seven sections 

1. Attitude. The single biggest aspect that is under your control. With the right attitude talking, flirting and seduction is a pleasure and a joy for EVERYONE involved. 

2. Finding and Approaching. You'll learn how to prepare yourself, where to go to meet women and how to make the opening that will set you a part and leave them smiling and happy to have met you. 

3. Attraction.  Learn how to create attraction and build sexual tension so that when you let them go they fly to you like a rubber band.

4. Qualifying.  Because you will learn how to be a girl magnet you'll need to qualify them so that you can pick from the very best.  This step is so important! Anyone can find someone to sleep with once and regret it.  You'll learn how to get the best. 

5. Trust & Rapport. You'll learn how to create emotionally engaging conversation that quickly builds trust and rapport without letting yourself fall into the category of "Let's just be friends".
6. Amplifying Arousal.  This is where you will turn up the heat and turn interest into heart throbbing wanton desire. 

7. The Close. How to "seal the deal" and turn your interesting conversation into a horizontal activity.
The most important part is that learning and applying these skills are FUN.

So, go ahead, ask yourself how much frustration, money and humiliation do you have to go through before you decide to enough is enough?
This is your chance. Take it!!!!

Order it now for $24.95

Building Your Cult

How To Become a Cult Leader

Building Your Cult is a no-holds-barred self-help book with deeper secrets designed to help the most politcally ambitious people in the world. 

Granted, you might not want to build a cult but knowing the mysteries of how it's done isn't just a curiosity. It's an absolute must for anyone living and working with people. The reason why is that no matter where you go people are always out to protect and promote their own interests.

Building Your Cult will show you how to spot people with hidden ambitions so you can decide to either join, ignore or fight them.

Building Your Cult will give you the tools to master the world of politics and climb the ladder of achievement. 

BONUS OFFER (Only available here.)

When you order Building Your Cult from and forward me your Amazon receipt I will send you Free ... at no cost to you, the CD called The PsychoPathology of Success. This CD goes for $24.95 and is worth EVERY penny and you get it for nothing, zip, zilth, nada.

Pretty cool, huh?

Keep reading.

Building Your Cult deals with the art and science of protecting and promoting your own interests, in other words it is about the politics of life. Moreover, it is about reaching that pentacle of accomplishment where you have factions of people devoted to you, your goals and ambitions.

It is about making your own cult. This is the unspoken knowledge that the world wants to keep from you.

Building Your Cult is divided into two parts. The first part is to explore the mind of the cult leader and even offer a few exercises that might help you with your own set of cult leader insights. With these insights you might uncover the wealth spring of power that we all control. In this part you will learn:

The mind set of an effective and powerful leader and how to prepare your mind to become a great leader.

How to create an image of your future that is so compelling you can call it your "Destiny".

How to build an incredibly positive sense of self without ever appearing narcisistic or grandiose.

How to avoid being one of the controvercial "crash and burn" cult leaders like Jim Jones and Charles Mason.

How to train your mind so that you are ready to respond to anything life throws at you.

How to create the feeling of unstoppability that will work for you even when you're facing obsticles.

You'll learn the three qualities you can bring into your list to be more powerful and motivated ... regardless of what you want to accomplish.

The second part of Building Your Cult contains the closely guarded information about h the management of your cult from the microcosm of the individual recruit to the structure of your cult and going all the way to dealing with the world outside the cult. Combined, you will be given enough information to decide if this realm of power you want to exploit or if it's enough to be merely entertained.

The easiest way to find your followers... and have the most fun doing it. (Why work when you can play?)

How to organize your "loyal list of follows" so that everything flows toward your goals and outcomes. 

You'll learn the two simple qualities to make a workable doctrine to live by. You can apply this to yourself, your cult or both.

You'll learn how vital a doctrine is and be given a working doctrine to use as an example.


Okay, let's stop for a moment and take a breath.

All of this sounds very strange, "over-the-top" and even wicked so let's put Building Your Cult into perspective.

Building Your Cult is only partly about controlling others. It's really about giving you enough power to gain control over your life and the world around you.

When you accept that more power and control will make your life easier and more enjoyable then you can decide how far you want to take it.

To learn about that kind of power click the "Order Now" button below.

If you were to ask me if any of this information is new, I would have to be honest and  tell you yes... and no.

It's not new in that people have been writing how-to managment books for ages and some of this information has been around for a while.

What is truly new about Building Your Culd is the fact that there is no appology made about how it can be applied to the wild extreme of cult building. Is that new? You bet it is.

I'm not the information police. I not telling anyone that they should build a cult for themselves... I'm just revealing how it can be done.

The good news is Building Your Cult also includes information that will help prevent you from being one of those crazy, wack-job cult leaders that stockpile guns and thinks their words are the word of god.
Building Your Cult Truth: A SMART cult leader is never suspected of being a cult leader and I want to show you how to do it.

Building Your Cult Truth: A SMART cult leader doesn't ware down and exploit their followers... and they still will remain loyal to you.

Building Your Cult Truth: A SMART cult leader knows the greatest asset he has isn't the people around him, but himself and learns to maximize that asset.  Building Your Cult will show you how to do that.

(Only available from this page.) 

As mentioned you will get the When you order Building Your Cult from and forward me your Amazon receipt I will send you Free ... at no cost to you, the CD The PsychoPathology of Success. This CD goes for $24.95 and is worth EVERY penny. Remember to send your receipt to and your CD and Book will be racing each other to your door.  You must include to entire receipt that has your shipping address and not just the receipt number.

Order it now for $19.95

How The Illuminati Create An 

Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave

This is one of the most disturbing so-called "true" documents that are out there.

It describes IN 550+ PAGE DETAIL how secret forces are molding human minds to be their complete and unquestioning servants.

These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your congressman to your cable guy.

For some people what you'll read in this huge book will seem very disturbing. It is, nonetheless, well laid out and detailed enough to be understandable. In fact, the incredible detail of this book gives it only greater credence.

Order it now for $29

United States Government

Mind Control Files



Released Through The Freedom of Information Act

These 17,000 documents gathered under the Freedom of Information Act are listed by dates, covering a period from 1943 to 1988.

At the height of the cold war the US government decide to take the offensive and pursue national security with in the minds of it's citizens.

This included the secret use of LSD on unsuspecting people and testing exactly what are the limits of hypnosis.

The results are shocking and in government documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

One of the darkest chapters in America's history, MKULTRA was a top secret program in human experimentation and behavior modification. Based on actual classified government documents, this book exposes the lengths to which U.S. Government agencies had gone to develop and implement mind control, covert drug administration, and other human experiments in the name of national security. A shocking look into what is likely the most controversial government program in history, Dr. Andrews' book also includes pages of documents from other, more recent projects such as CIA drug testing, LSD experiments, and biological agent testing on human subjects.

On August 3rd 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIAs TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK Ultra. On February 8th 1988, an MK Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. Trance Formation Of America exposes the truth behind this criminal abuse of the Unconstitutional 1947 National Security Act.

"The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under
constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own
initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a
victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes
himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.
His servitude is strictly objective."
Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, 1958

Here is just a sample of what you'll get:

a) a revision and adaptation of material already developed on deception techniques (magic, sleight of hand, signals, etc.)

b) psychic phenomena and extrasensory perception

c) subliminal perception

d) hypnosis

e) "truth serums"

f) expressive movements (body type, facial characteristics, etc.)

g) use of LSD

h) a warm and fuzzy feeling that your government is out to protect you.

Get it now and find out the shocking truth!

Only $19.95

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